Valentis canine services augment security and law enforcement personnel and provide support, as needed, to Critical Infrastructure, Soft Targets-Crowded Places, and other facilities or venues that can be designated as criminal or terrorist targets.

Canine Explosive Detection

Valentis canine explosive detection services are used to augment our High Risk Protective Service operations, uniformed security personnel during special events/mass gathering, to assist law enforcement stakeholders when there are gaps or shortfalls in counter IED resources, and for target hardening client assets. The canines are certified to indicating various explosive odors, both military and civilian constructed explosive devices. Canines are trained on 100% pure explosive odors to detect specifically on the odor of target material. Canines can alert on all weight of "target" materials, located inside, outside, and vehicle placed explosives. Valentis canines are dual trained to perform patrol functions. 

Canine Patrol

Canine patrol is deployed as a deterrence in unstable environments and to support other operational areas that require additional resources, such as Valentis recapture/recovery missions. Canines are trained to respond for crowd control, deter threats, and violent crowds. The working dogs are trained on both offensive and defensive drives.

Valentis can provide our canine operations at the request of commercial and government clients who desire to bolster their security program, facilitate an onsite response to suspicious items, and/or support personnel in response to real world scenarios.

Canine Training

The working dogs are trained on both offensive and defensive drives. Valentis keeps the dogs in optimal working condition to include treadmill, ball play search and locate, spring pole training which improves jaw strength as well as muzzle "hit work" and flirt pole which increases speed, mobility and coordination. 



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