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Cannabis and Dispensaries

Safety & Security Solutions

Trusting a security provider who understands the safety requirements and operational needs of any business in the cannabis industry is crucial for successful growth and performance.  In an industry built around ensuring the highest quality of products and customer service, security professionals must perform in line with these exacting standards.  Valentis works directly with the client to tailor a site specific security plan designed to exceed compliance requirements and industry ideals, while prioritizing the safety of its employees, business stakeholders, and customers.

Valentis is your partner of choice to offer these necessary solutions to breeding and cultivation facilities, manufacturers, and dispensaries.

Security Assessment

Evaluation to identify and expose potential risks, vulnerabilities, and threats

Active Assailant Training

In-house developed training and education tailored to your facilities and staff level


Background screenings, due dilligence, counter-fraud measures, and embezzlement

Armed Security Officers

Trained and certified above industry standards and state regulations

Executive Protection

Specialized personnel for high-profile protection needs

Secured Transportation

Transportation of high-value assets or money with reduced exposure

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Why Valentis Is Right For You

The security services industry is plagued with companies that make empty promises and have zero to little standards for appearance, performance, and quality assurance. 

Valentis has taken the approach to provide meaningful value in the services provided to our clients. This approach delivers results to the client, minimizes exposure, and provides a true measure of security. Valentis employs the highest quality of personnel and is trusted to represent the client with the same level of professionalism.

If you are interested in learning more and how Valentis can help, contact us by clicking the button below.  

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