Protecting Event Organizer Interests

Our objective during the engagement with an event organizer is to shift responsibility away from them so that Valentis can absorb the risk. The Valentis solution is essential because the mere presence of uniformed personnel does not mitigate the entire risk profile. It is a combination of defined concepts designed to address security gaps and vulnerabilities that lead to scenarios of concern.

Valentis delivers a complete event security program that provides integration of the Incident Command System (ICS) and National Incident Management System (NIMS) that focuses on emphasizing the development of successful partnerships that utilize local, state, and federal public safety stakeholders.


  • Incident Action Plan and Pre-Event Operational Planning 
  • Risk Analysis and counterterrorism strategies 
  • Stakeholder Partnership development
  • Unified Command


  • Personnel (high profile and low profile)
  • Canine Explosive Detection and Patrol
  • Unmanned Aircraft Services (UAS)
  • Intelligence
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Communications

 Incident (Event) Real World Management

  • Event Safety Coordinator
  • Incident Communications
  • Adverse Weather Tracking
  • Public Information Plan (PIP) and Crisis Management Spokesperson
  • After Action Report (Post Event Report)

We offer our clients a solution designed to address event scenarios of concern. Some of the special events we have worked in the past include Tall Ships Erie, Highmark Stadium, Hookstown Fair, Toby Keith concert (Pittsburgh), and the Albion Fair, to name a few.