Valentis maintains its own Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), on all contracts, to make sure personnel and procedures meet client demands. The Valentis QAP provides a systematic method to evaluate performance by Valentis to ensure compliance and services, as outlined, are being provided for the stated contract. The QAP is created with the premise that Valentis will manage and evaluate its own performance and provide documentation of the same to meet the terms of the contract.

The QAP is a "living document" and Valentis may review and revise it on a regular basis. 

Performance Standards

Valentis performs surveillance to determine if we, as an organization, are meeting all the standards that are expected by the Client. Deficiencies are noted and will be corrected as outlined. It is a customary practice for Valentis to create a site Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). This site SOP combines the requirements of Valentis and the Client's provided Performance Work Statement (PWS).




Method of Surveillance

Security Officers, & Compliance with State, and Federal laws, Rules, Procedures and Requirements

Site SOP

Security Officers are on site, working the contracted hours and each guard maintains valid certifications consistent with state and/or Federal law

Direct observation, random inspection (auditing), analysis of Valentis sign in/out reports


Security Officer Responsibilities

Site SOP

Security Officers are following the terms and conditions of the SOP

Direct Observation , progress status meeting with Client, or analysis of Valentis monthly report

Security Officer Standards of Appearance

Site SOP and Valentis SOP

Security Officers are meeting all requirements outlined in the site and Valentis SOP

Direct observation, random inspection


Security Officer Training Requirements

Valentis SOP and Professional Development Program

Security Officers are required to meet all training requirements as outlined

Direct observation and analysis of training records signed by both instructor and ASG

Security Officer Performance during use of force incidents

Valentis SOP and laws

Security Officers are required to comply at all times with Valentis Use of Force Continuum

Analysis of incident report, training records, and interviews with employees. Process includes incident review panel

Methods of Quality Assurance Surveillance

Valentis shall use the surveillance methods listed below in the administration of this QAP.

  1. DIRECT OBSERVATION. (Can be performed periodically or through 100% surveillance)
  2. PERIODIC INSPECTION. (Evaluates outcomes on a periodic basis. Inspections are typically unannounced and not scheduled with the employee. They can occur daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.
  3. DOCUMENT REVIEW OR ANALYSIS (Review and analyze documents that are provided to Valentis during a field operation or a training module)
  4. FIELD TESTING. (A controlled method designed to induce the employee to respond to a real-world incident without knowledge or advance notification about the test. This type of surveillance is only authorized by senior corporate management and does not include notification to any supervisor or manager)
  5. INCIDENT REVIEW PANEL. (A combination of Valentis supervisors, managers, executive officers, and occasionally contracted consultants deemed Subject Matter Experts who review the handling of suspect incidents by employees when it involves use of force. The panel is authorized, by Valentis, to act ranging from remedial training to termination as well as reporting egregious violations to law enforcement. Clients are provided copies of final reports when it involves their site.)

Documenting Performance and Readiness Standard Qualifications

FIELD INSPECTION REPORTS. Valentis documents all inspections on its Field Inspection Report (FIR). Both acceptable and unacceptable performance standards are noted. Unacceptable evaluations are noted on the FIR. Disciplinary action may occur based on unacceptable evaluations, including but not limited to instant suspension, followed by termination.

MONTHLY PERFORMANCE MEETING WITH CLIENT. Valentis seeks to schedule a monthly meeting with the Client to review performance, concerns, and to ensure that operations are meeting or exceeding client expectations.

QUARTERLY DATA REPORT. A quarterly data report is created and remitted to the Client. The report provides the following information about the report period:

  1. Number of hours worked and billed
  2. Review of any administrative tasks performed in support of the contract
  3. Incident Report Data Review
  4. Training that Valentis provided to its personnel
  5. Personnel assignments that affect the Client
  6. Current roster of personnel assigned to Client
  7. Recommended action steps for Client and/or Valentis to improve the mission

 TRAINING AND QUALIFICATION RECORD. Provided upon request to Client.

Disciplinary Action and/or Removal of Guards from the Project

If violations occur of the Valentis Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or the Client SOP, then the employee faces progressive disciplinary action (beginning with a verbal warning, Written Disciplinary Action (WDA), suspension, or termination). Certain violations may warrant instant termination or removal from the Client site after investigating the allegation(s).

Valentis incorporates assistance to employees to reverse WDAs or suspensions by providing them the opportunity to appeal an action to allow for the removal of unfavorable actions in their personnel file. Valentis provides the ability for an employee to file a formal complaint against a supervisor and request an arbitration hearing.

GPS driven Electronic Daily Activity Reports and Written Incident Reports

Valentis can deploy real-time GPS tracking software called TrackForce that provides the Client with documentation supporting the activities of roving personnel and other incidents that may occur at the Client facility. The software, if deployed, can be accessed by designated Client representatives, and serves as baseline summary notifications. In security related events that require detailed reporting the Client is provided a PDF incident report, through email, or shared through a secure online portal established by Valentis that is designed to protect LES (Law Enforcement Sensitive) material.

Marked vehicles (automobile, golf cart, or side by side vehicle) will maintain real-time GPS to record travel and activities.

Personnel Scheduling Valentis utilizes an online scheduling and timeclock software called Shiftboard.  Designated Client personnel will receive a log in to view schedules online in lieu of paper or emailed scheduled.  Those Client personnel can opt to receive automated notifications of changes made to the schedule.  Notification of changes to the schedule made on short notice in the event of a call-off or other emergency will be made as requested by the Client. Moreover, any other changes, including those not specifically rated to staffing are addressed immediately or up to 8 hours.