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A Housing Pandemic: Criminals Are Creating An Eviction Crisis For Property Managers (And How To Solve It)

Eviction rates are going through the roof, much to the dismay of property owners around the world. This dark side to property management comes with significant risks both physically and financially, leaving countless property owners wondering how they can survive this growing trend. Everyone knows that the eviction process can be slow and painful, but it doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and let it happen. In this article, we will explore the eviction crisis and how property managers can fight back against unruly former tenants.

The Eviction Crisis

For a while, property owners had fairly clear guidelines by which they could run their properties, but times are changing. COVID-19 has caused a high level of problematic issues with property owners and the rental process. Unfortunately, due to a high volume of job losses and other issues, renters have not been meeting the requirements outlined in their rental agreement, particularly when it comes to paying rent.

Recently, the moratorium on evictions expired, much to the relief of individual property owners around the United States who were not getting paid by their tenants. While it is helpful that the law once again states that tenants must pay for their rental properties, some of them are still failing to meet their agreement. Even though they are required to pay as of July 31, 2021, that isn’t happening. The response to this is a high number of evictions, which is an even bigger headache for property owners.

Increase In Crime

The pandemic has been difficult to navigate for families all around the world, and tensions are very high because of this. Though the law states that tenants must pay and remove themselves from the property, this information isn’t being well-received. Some tenants are turning to crime in terrible ways.

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Criminal Activity On-Site

The sad truth is that there are plenty of people who turn to crime when times are difficult. In response to the loss of jobs and overall loss of money, more people have begun to engage in criminal behavior to keep their income stable. Obviously, this is completely illegal, but it also means that there is a higher risk of people using your property for criminal activities like selling drugs or housing stolen goods.

Criminal Activity Against Property Owners

With tensions running high, more tenants are choosing to act out in response to the completely legal eviction process. Rather than agreeing to leave, these individuals are staying on-site until they are forcibly and legally removed, but that isn’t the worst of it.

For some people, knowing that they will be evicted has caused a high level of disdain for property owners. Fueled by anger, many tenants are choosing to deliberately or carelessly harm property. Some are opting to actually damage the home and the property to get back at the property owner. Others simply know that their days in the place are limited, causing them to be completely careless with the property in the worst possible way. Damage, messes, and destruction from pets are now being completely overlooked. Once again, this is seen as a way to get back at the property owner.

You’re Not Alone

As a property owner, you might be feeling helpless while navigating the situation. With tens of millions of evictions expected in the United States alone, more and more property owners are beginning to feel the same way, but the truth is that you are not helpless and you are not alone. In fact, several property owners are dealing with this exact problem.

Right now, a lot of property owners are experiencing shock surrounding this big change. Some property owners might not have dealt with evictions at all before the pandemic and the following eviction crisis. This can make tensions even higher and contributes to those feelings of helplessness, but there are steps that can be taken. With the right support, you can navigate these problems.

Security companies are quickly becoming a key point of support for property owners who are grappling with the eviction crisis. The reality is that as a property owner, you can’t expect to do everything yourself. It isn’t safe for you to do so, which is why it helps to have trained experts to help you to reclaim control of your property.

How To Win In Court

Knowing how to win in court means playing by the book, and the book can change from one state to the next. Before you decide to move forward with an eviction, there are several important steps to take.

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Brush Up On the Laws

Every single state has its own playbook regarding how tenant evictions work. Before you make any moves at all, it is important to read up on these laws to ensure that you know exactly what must be done in order to legally justify removing the individual from your property.

Give Notice

Each state has its own set of requirements when giving a notice of eviction. Make sure that you deliver your notices in the appropriate way with the appropriate language, and retain the proof of your notices. Whether it is taking pictures of the notice on the door or sending them through appropriate mail channels, make sure that you are following the appropriate steps to tell tenants that their days of residency are over.

Work with Professionals

Though the law can assist with evictions, it helps to have additional support like a security company. Security companies can help with a wide range of items related to the eviction process. They can ensure that the property is clear, serve notices, and take active steps to keep the individuals from returning to the property. 

Whether you work with law enforcement or your own security team, the fact remains that you should never aim to resolve eviction matters on your own. Eviction is a legally outlined process that must be followed step-by-step to ensure that you are completely within your rights. While it is uncomfortable to navigate, working with professionals can make for a much better experience.

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