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Protective Security Team

Overview of Protective Security Team

Our world is often complicated, and unique scenarios require a capability dedicated to a successful, positive outcome. Our most formidable solution to these scenarios of concern is to protect the asset by combining comprehensive risk management and a well-trained team to prevent a negative result.
The mission of the Valentis Protective Security Team is to deliver a deployable Protective Force Operation (PFO) to support clients and partners with a selection of security professionals for unique and higher-risk scenarios. PST is trained in multiple competencies enabling them to take the lead or augment existing Valentis personnel or other agencies during designated operational periods.
PST is organized into a cadre, one team, planning, logistics, and support/administration sections. PST is fully mission ready to conduct operations without the need for additional training or outfitting.

Protective Force Team

The Protective Security Team provides protective measures for critical infrastructure and other assets for the United States Government and commercial clients.

Canine Services

The canine services augment the Protective Security Team. Canine services include explosive detection and patrol functions.

Who We Serve

Valentis Protective Security Team have provided solutions for a wide range of clients with a diverse range of needs. Some examples of clients we serve are:

  • Government and commercial clients who operate sensitive and vital Critical Infrastructure sectors and other locations that  are targets of terrorism or criminal acts by organized, funded, and trained actors;
  • High net-worth individuals, public personalities, and VIPs that face increased risk based on who they are by actors with an intent to manipulate, cause physical harm, or execute plots for financial gain;
  • For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations that are targets of ideologies that trigger civil disorder, bodily injury, or destruction of property;
  • Individuals and organizations that transport high-value freight and may draw the unwanted attention of conspiring actors and groups that, if compromised, can create negative attention and financial impact;
  • Recapture and recovery of a sensitive asset for a compromised client.
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