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Medical Facilities

Solutions For Medical & Healthcare Facilities

Trusting a security provider to provide safety needs for your facility can prove to be very complicated. An ability to understand the security needs for a medical facility or hospital requires a comprehensive platform on how these facilities operate, along with their associated policies and procedures. 

We recognize that every facility or hospital is different and offers its own unique needs along with risks. Valentis takes the time to assess all aspects of a client's facility to ensure an effective solution is delivered. Our highly trained skilled staff can analyze your site, identify risk needs, and provide you with lastly uncompromising change.

Our commitment to keep your staff and visitors safe is unparalleled by others in the security industry.

What We Provide

Armed Security

Armed Security Officers that are trained to site specific policies and procedures

In-House Security Management

Embedded Manager / Director to oversee and train existing security personnel

Explosive Detection K-9

Certified Explosive Detection K-9's to conduct daily and random bomb sweeps of your facilities

Active Shooter Training

Having a plan in place and training with that plan can prove to be life saving. This training can be delivered to all levels of staff

Detail Officers

Plain-clothes Officers with advanced training that can work discreetly to reduce exposure or alarm

Threat Assessments

Evaluating and identifying vulnerabilities in your facilities is crucial. Every facility is unique and requires it's own assessment.

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How We Deliver Results

What separates Valentis is the quality of service we provide and the ability to deliver results to the client. The training Valentis personnel receive is unmatched and allows for those results to be delivered. For your medical or healthcare facility, Valentis personnel are extensively trained in all the necessary areas that would enable them to excel in that environment. To learn more about the difference Valentis can make and what we can offer, contact us directly below!

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