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Established in 2017, Valentis began it's journey to deliver a true measure of security. With an industry overwhelmed with companies that are focused solely on filling their pockets, we decided to take a different route and focused on delivering results. In just under five years, Valentis has expanded it's operation of diverse services to a total of 8 states; With more to come soon. We take pride in our extensive training, career development, and community outreach opportunities. Here is where you turn a job to a career.



Alabama, USA - Armed Security Officer (Federal Government Contract)

Full time positions are available with first year total earnings starting at $43,680 plus available benefits. Please refer to eligibility requirements below.
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Erie, PA - Armed Security Officer

Part Time position with pay rate starting at $17.00 per hour. Shifts will be evenings and weekends. Please refer to eligibility requirements below.
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Phoenix, AZ - Armed Security Officer

This is an as needed, temporary position with a pay rate of $22.00 per hour. Detail shifts will be a minimum of four hours or more. Please refer to eligibility requirements below.
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Warrenton, VA - Private Investigator

Individuals will be called to work select investigation projects throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Applicant must have valid Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services Private Investigator certification.
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*This is not a complete list of all open positions. Contact our recruiter for the most accurate openings. 

Eligibility Requirements

Must have a valid driver’s license and reliable transportation

Must have a High School Diploma or General Equivalency Degree (GED)

Must have a social security card

Must have DD-214, if prior military service exists

Must have the mental and physical capabilities to meet annual readiness standards 

Facial hair is not permitted, except for a neatly trimmed mustache and/or goatee.

Restrictions on jewelry and body piercings (visible on the outside of the uniform) will be explained


ARMED POSITIONS: Must have a valid state issued lethal weapons certification card. Applicants currently enrolled in a course to receive the state card may apply, but the course date must be scheduled within 14 days of application date.




Medical, Dental, and Vision insurance through University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Health Plan and its network affiliates

Short Term Disability

AFLAC Accident Insurance

Whole and Term Life Insurance

Retirement Plan with matching employer contributions

Paid Personal Time Off

Paid Training

Financial Incentives for new client contracts and new employee referrals

Career Development Program that is not based on seniority, but performance and most qualified

Full tuition and other cost reimbursement for unarmed employees who seek to obtain their lethal weapons certification in any state Valentis operates

Financial assistance to purchase duty gear and equipment

Stepped compensation program that is based on performance, qualifying standards, and advancement

Valentis provides an optimal working condition which affords their employees the unique opportunity to enhance their overall growth and skills in the security field. Most importantly, at Valentis, learning how to cultivate effective working relationships with residents, property owners, and other staff members is of great significance. Building and maintaining strong rapport collectively helps make for a better work environment and allows me to feel secure and confident of the company services.

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Jared S.
Supervisor / Instructor

I have been in the security field for 13+ years, and Valentis is the only company I have worked for that cared about making sure their employees were trained and equipped to handle everything that was asked of them. The training I have received from Valentis is unparalleled by any other company I have been with. Training is the most important thing in this field and it is awesome to be with a company that makes it a priority.

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Zach S.
Supervisor / Instructor

What I like most about Valentis is that they promote from within, based on performance not seniority. In my first year with the company, I was selected to become the Drone Operator. This opportunity allowed me to further my skill-set and experience in this industry. I have never worked for a company as good as Valentis.



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Chad M.
Armed Security Officer / Drone Operator


Government Contracting

Employees have the opportunity to join the Valentis Force Protection Team that deploys under contract of the U.S. government. Employee must pass all qualification standards set by the federal government.

Special Response Team

The Valentis Special Response Team focuses on direct action to VIP/Close Personal Protection, high value asset protection, and recovery missions. Joining SRT requires passing a physical fitness test, completing a pistol qualification course, and a multi-step interview process.

Private Investigator

Eligible employees can advance their career by becoming a licensed Private Investigator. You will work directly with the Intelligence & Investigations team, in addition to handling investigation projects as they are assigned.

K9 Handler

The Valentis K-9 Unit currently deploys explosive & patrol canines. The K9 handler is required to complete all required company training and handling course. *There are currently no open positions at this time but opportunities may open in the future.

Drone Operator

The Valentis Drone Operator is responsible for operating a drone according to the assignment. The drone operator must obtain the pilot license as required by the FAA. *There are currently no open positions at this time but opportunities may open in the future.


What training is provided for new employees?

All new employees are required to go through our in-house training program that consists of a combat pistol course (armed employees), defensive tactics, handcuffing, OC spray, baton, and use of force. There are optional qualifications for taser, patrol rifle, and patrol shotgun if employee desires to do so.

Can I get my armed certification paid for?

Qualified unarmed candidates have the opportunity to get their armed certification tuition sponsored by Valentis. Candidates are selected on a case-by-case basis with additional requirements. Interested candidates must contact the recruiter for more information.

Do I need to have any experience in this field to apply?

No. All new employees go through our in-house training program (regardless of experience or background) that is designed to prepare you for the position you are working. Some positions do require additional certification.

Do I have to buy my uniforms?

No. All standard uniforms are issued to employees. Employees have the option to buy their own uniforms as long as they are in regulation to our uniform policy. Employees are expected to have their own duty gear but financial assistance is available if duty gear is needed. 

I saw a position listed on indeed but it's not posted to your web page. Should I still apply?

Yes! Positions listed on our web page are not always the only open positions we have. 

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