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Law Enforcement & Military Equipment

Designed For Professionals

We provide law enforcement, military, security professionals and organizations the ability to protect themselves with advanced personal protective gear and less lethal equipment. Our complete inventory is strictly professional grade, granting each of us the confidence that we could entrust our own lives to the products we sell.

For a complete list of available inventory, equipment, and costs, contact us directly at info@valentisinc.com or by clicking the button below.



Utilized for the deployment of less lethal munitions

Training Equipment

Practice training suits, padded training batons, light weight riot baton

CBRN Gas Masks

Military gas masks, tactical gas masks, Tactical Air-Purifying Respirator

Less Lethal Munitions

Includes breaching rounds, distraction rounds, WASP rounds, and more

Protective Equipment

Capture shields, extraction shields, interlocking shields, protective helmets

Equipment Kits

CBRN Survival kits, other equipment to enhance protective gear

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