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Faith-Based Organizations

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The Valentis faith-based organization readiness concept is based on three different solutions that is designed to protect, prepare, and raise up members of the organization to provide a response to active threats or emergent incidents who become part of an Emergency Response Team (ERT). An Emergency Response Team is a security team that consists of volunteers and staff members within the faith-based organization. Valentis develops and trains the members according to their organization and needs.

Uniformed / Plainclothes Personnel


Risk Management Consulting

What is ERT?

Valentis views members of ERT to be capable of responding to emergent incidents that may occur during any worship service; sponsored event; or gathering that includes but not limited to a medical event, structure or building fire, severe weather event, or active assailant. The idea that an organization can provide a trained group of members to respond only helps to reduce injuries, save lives, and most importantly acts with confidence using a planned response. No organization should ever be unprepared. The training is divided into five sessions:

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Session 1 is the introduction to the Emergency Response Team. We cover responsibilities, responding, interacting with First Responders, and recovery post incident. The second part of Session 1 is hands on training with defensive tactics. The training focuses on pressure point techniques, pain compliance, and disarming an assailant that may have a weapon, such as knife or firearm.

Session 2 is dedicated to certification in CPR/First Aid/AED and Stop the Bleed.

Session 3 is Active Assailant Response Training. We spend this session studying the active assailant and include lessons learned, review best practices, and include topics such as exposure to liabilities. The active assailant is armed with a weapon, including a firearm, explosives, and vehicles with the intent to injure or kill as many people as possible. At the conclusion of the classroom session, we add a training scenario that exposes the participants to live gunfire and evaluation of how you respond to the active shooter. No live rounds are shot.

Session 4 is Firearms Classroom Training. ERT members who desire to carry their weapon during a church event are required to attend the classroom portion for firearms)*

Session 5 is Live Firearm Drills. We spend the entire time at the range learning how to shoot the target using live rounds. Attendees will qualify with their firearm at the end.*

* Sessions 4 and 5 are optional.

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