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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission

To provide comprehensive, high-quality security services to a variety of clients utilizing professional and superiorly trained personnel.
No empty promises, with Valentis, you’re safe.

Our Values


Valentis only makes assurances on results that we know we can deliver. Understanding the client's needs and the necessary steps it takes to achieve the client's expectations requires years of experience backed with proven results. No empty promises, no failed clients.


Valentis only provides professionally trained, quality-driven personnel qualified to our expectations. Security personnel must present a professional and competent appearance that will instill confidence in the public. This delivers a true measure of security.

High Quality

Valentis offers a high-quality designed service to protect the interests of our clients in the field and behind the scenes. Our most experienced clients respect our position and embrace it. They understand the value and the need to protect themselves and the organization they work for.

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Providing A True Measure Of Security

Any security company can provide a client with a uniformed guard with no training and be satisfied; Not us. All Valentis personnel are trained equally to the Valentis standard, regardless of background or previous experience. This allows our organization as a whole and personnel individually, the competence and confidence to bring meaning and value to a security service in any environment and situation. We call this "A True Measure Of Security".