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Cares Community Outreach

A 501(c) nonprofit organization

Our Footprint in the Community

Cares Community Outreach, aligned with and supporting the Valentis mission and values, is rooted in concepts of raising awareness, community service, overcoming adversity, and creating a safer community. This community reinvestment initiative cultivates connections within and between communities to foster individual and community change. Our efforts proceed from the premise that engagement within communities in which Valentis is contracted is critical to fulfilling the Valentis mission, and most importantly, empowering the youth and community to be proactive, informed, and safe. 

Cares Community Outreach is committed to improving the quality of life, resident safety, prioritizing greatest need activities, and increasing awareness to crime prevention while expanding the foundation for positive improvement. This organization is embedded in the Valentis operation and is introduced to all communities in which Valentis serves.

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The Cares Community Outreach Mission

To establish a foundation of change and growth within communities that foster relationships through community engagement, community service, and awareness.

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Financial Impact To Residential Communities

The programs introduced by Cares Community Outreach (CCO) would be implemented at no direct cost to the community. The community
management is asked to assist in providing information to residents and support the program. CCO is part of the all-encompassing mission of Valentis to improve the safety and quality of life for the residents. Valentis and CCO, collectively, reserve the right to discontinue all programs outlined herein. CCO is open to partnerships and financial contributions from other entities and organizations that will help foster its growth.

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