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Physical Security Services

Armed Security and Risk Management Merged With Our Concept of Operations

Successful physical security services requires more than just presence. We take a proactive approach starting with the training of our personnel. Our approach merges risk management with three key components: 

Professional Development

We believe that superior training creates superior results. Security personnel trained well will perform well in a real-world scenario, while poorly trained personnel will perform poorly. Nobody ever rises to the occasion; everyone defaults to their lowest training level.

Quality Control

We deliver a Quality Assurance Plan that provides a systematic method to evaluate performance by Valentis to ensure compliance and services meet the benchmarks for the client.

Technology Driven Incident Report Management

We incorporate technology-driven data to clients in real-time that provides the ability to efficiently communicate incidents, reports, and other matters related to their operation. GPS built-in technologies ensure accountability and help create professional daily activity reports.

What Our Clients Receive

Enhanced Value

The training Valentis personnel receive increases the competency and capability for personnel to deliver enhanced value for our clients.

Results Delivered

Our proven approach has delivered results to all clients in various ways. We strive to exceed client expectations and provide a long-term impact and relationship.

Strength in Unity

Building community and law enforcement relationships aides us in achieving our overall goal and has been a successful factor in the Valentis operation.

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