Residential Community Security Program

Residential communities, sometimes, present unique challenges to maintain secure environments. Challenges include drug trafficking, domestic violence, organized gangs, physical violence, property damage, and other criminal acts designed to disrupt the quality of living for residents.  Community policing requires a defined strategy to be successful because unknown risks exist. Each community has a different need and Valentis will design the operation plan based on those needs.  

Valentis provides a defined set of solutions to assist community ownership and management to improve the quality of living for residents. The enhanced value delivered through professional development, strategic operation concepts, and a risk based methodology is designed to protect client interests. We believe in more than just physical security services, but also to enrich through education by establishing a foundation of programs that delivers awareness to safety and improved lifestyles within communities. We believe that no boundary or limitation exists when an improvement of life is the goal. 

  • Real time incident report tracking utilizing our incident database software
  • GPS enabled solutions for tracking mobile and foot patrols
  • Canine patrol
  • Pre=occupancy screening using our database services
  • Investigatory concepts designed to disrupt organized criminal operations 
  • Remote pilot intelligence 
  • Defiant Trespass and non consensual vehicle towing management
  • Community based educational and awareness initiatives
  • Engaging to develop relationships with local law enforcement that will bridge gaps to foster partnerships

The critical needs in residential communities are growing and Valentis will intervene to provide a solution. Our past interventions within housing communities have demonstrated an objective to reduce criminal activity and improve the quality of living. 

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