Security Risks are not mitigated by checking off a box

The landscape of contract security will become more complicated, in the months and years ahead, as threats evolve and take on new forms. These complicated challenges must be met by determined and organized protective security entities that are capable of countering the threats. A solution does exist in the contract security market that does plan for heightened risk and evolving threats. It operates with a different standard than its competition. It is focused on the development and distribution of fully operational security and safety logistic solutions to a wide range of clients and security concerns, including small, medium, and large organizations, government agencies, and individuals. 

This solution is Valentis.

Valentis Group, Inc. (Valentis) brings enhanced value to the service it provides clients through professional development, operational concepts, and risk management designed to protect client interests. 

Security companies are required to provide a certificate of insurance to a client at the onset and during the term of a contractual agreement. These certificates are typically endorsed to the benefit of the client. This will, most of the time, satisfy a risk manager’s checkbox list. The checkbox list is not the answer when we are talking about protecting assets. Risk comes in multiple forms and it can create a negative impact, if not managed properly. Litigatious attorneys will find more than one way to scrutinize a certificate of insurance and service agreement to assess blame wherever they can when there is a failure in prevention and preparedness. Essentially organizations that place their hope in a certificate of insurance or indemnification clauses, found in agreements, will be led to empty and disappointing results. Clients that dictate how a service should be delivered, and performed, and if guards are armed or unarmed will become equally entangled during litigation with the security companies that agree to the terms. 

Risk management is akin to science. It is an intricate collection of knowledge and resources that culminates with technical actions to produce a result that is the best approach to counter threats. Threats evolve and become more complex. To triumph at countering threats is similar to playing chess– the winner will claim victory by outsmarting their opponent. Criminals and terrorists exploit flaws and vulnerabilities to succeed. The answer to overcoming the negative action and impact is to outsmart or think exactly like the adversary will. This is how the risk management program works at Valentis. Personnel is just one segment of security. It is a system of concepts and processes that lead to a service delivering results for our clients. Our approach is to combine academia with technical actions to target the risk, visualize and act like the risk, so a solution can be developed to disrupt with minimal exposure, maximize of result, and protect the client’s interest. 

Clients should never have to settle for minimum or inferior standards when a solution of concepts, processes, and a heightened state of readiness exists with Valentis. We see our approach as measured and resolved with a technical based methodology to embrace and encourage the absorption of risk because that is how a client’s priorities and interests are well protected. This is how security should be viewed and not merely using able-bodied individuals wearing uniforms hoping for a result. 

We must quantify our objectives for clients, orderly and astutely, to expose flaws, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities. This provides Valentis the opportunity to create a security plan that mitigates the risk. When a security service is tasked it will be for any number of reasons but typically it will be for the protection of human life and/or preservation of property. We can characterize life and property in much more complex terms, but these are the overarching objectives. 

The real difference between security, or for that matter law enforcement and military personnel is nobody rises to the occasion, but will default to their lowest level of training. If no such training exists or the training is poor, then there can be no reasonable expectation that hired security personnel are going to react properly. The lack of training and qualification standards will produce the same result over and over, as wisely said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

In the end, one core solution at Valentis is our readiness qualifying standards, but when unified with other highly capable areas of the entire company it delivers to our client a result. This result is designed to deliver an outcome that is necessary and reasonable to disrupt, deter, or stop a criminal act; and protect human life, assets, and client interests. This is how Valentis operates and this is what a client should expect from a professional security operation. 

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