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The Necessity of a Private Process Server

Timeliness is Everything in Process Serving

One of the most important aspects of the legal profession is the timeliness of a matter. The very ability to file a claim is predicated on a matter being within the statutory time frames. If there is a particularly difficult person on whom to serve process, it can derail an entire case. For this reason, it is best practice to partner with a professional process server.

A Business Sustains Itself on Reliability.

Your clients rely on your knowledge, relationships and advice, and you similarly rely on the professionals with whom you engage. Experience is among the primary reasons why the services of a professional process server is necessary. A professional has seen all sorts of scenarios. A professional knows the steps to take prior to attempting to execute the service. A professional has already considered contingencies in the event that “Plan A” does not proceed as it was first intended.

Find a Full-service Agency to Handle your Process Serving

It’s possible to find an individual process server who is capable of doing a one-time service for you. You may even use them regularly, and experience varying degrees of service execution. A full-service agency, however, has additional benefits to consider.

Valentis has the capacities of a professional process server, with the added benefit of investigative and security infrastructures. These additional skillsets provide further reliability that the requisite research has been done. Though an independent server may have the ability to get the job done, a company has the ability to guarantee its timely execution. This guarantee is applicable regardless of the number of attempts, the difficulty of the subject, or any other impediments that arise.

If you are pursuing a difficult defendant to serve process, or want to learn  more about Valentis procedures, contact us today.