Valentis launches community outreach initiative


Valentis launches Cares Community Outreach

July 7, 2021 (Pittsburgh, PA)— Valentis is pleased to announce the creation of Cares Community Outreach (CCO). CCO is a community reinvestment initiative that is aligned with and supports the Valentis mission and values rooted in raising awareness, community service, and creating a safer community. This community reinvestment initiative cultivates connections within and between communities to foster individual and community change. This community change includes empowering the youth and community to be proactive, informed, and safe.

As part of this new initiative, Valentis has appointed Stephen Miller as the Program Coordinator. Miller is currently employed with Valentis and will be tasked with overseeing the CCO initiative. Miller brings over 15 years of experience in community-based programming. Miller said, “Together we can create unity within our neighborhoods while instilling responsibility and community pride into our youth. Our greatest achievements will be the relationships we build “

About Valentis: Valentis is a fully operational security logistics and risk management solution for a variety of clients and security concerns. We are growing domestically, and envision global ventures, with services and products under development to create a network of global affiliates, lead through branding, and expand our clients; financial institutions, governments, religious facilities, maritime, cybersecurity, combined with specially developed training, software, and telecommunication consultancy, and more. We are mindful and committed and care about our clients, team, and shareholders.

About Cares Community Outreach: Cares Community Outreach (CCO) is a non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh (PA) and is committed to improving the quality of life, resident safety, prioritizing greatest need activities, and increasing awareness to crime prevention while expanding the foundation for positive improvement. This organization is embedded in the Valentis operation and is introduced to all communities in which Valentis serves. The mission of CCO is to establish a foundation of change and growth within communities that fosters relationships through community engagement, community service, and awareness.

CONTACT: Martha Hunter