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A Robust Defense: How a Private Security Company Safeguards Spirits Beverage Manufacturing Against Theft and Inventory Shrinkage

In the spirits beverage manufacturing industry, where valuable products and quality assurance are paramount, security plays a critical role. Protecting your facility against theft and preventing spills not only safeguards your bottom line but also preserves the integrity of your high-quality spirits. 

For example, just recently, Thieves in Florida steal more than $1.6 million in alcohol from US distributor | CNN.

In this case, it was just inventory that was lost. Granted, it was a significant amount. Inventory is often insured and nearly always replaceable. These thieves knew what they were doing. They surveilled the facility for some time. They knew exactly when it would be most vulnerable and they knew how much time they had. That much inventory takes hours to move. Thankfully, it was not a terrible tragedy. Those happen everywhere and are extremely difficult to predict. This was preventable. It would have never happened had a top level security firm been there.


In this blog post, we will explore how a private security company can help you address both theft and spillage, ensuring the continued success of your spirits beverage manufacturing operation.

1. Specialized Expertise in Spirits Security

The production and distribution of spirits involve unique security challenges. Private security companies specializing in the spirits industry bring extensive experience and expertise to the table. They understand the specific vulnerabilities related to high-value alcohol products and the unique security needs of your operation.

2. Comprehensive Security Assessments

A private security company will conduct thorough security assessments specifically tailored to the intricacies of spirits manufacturing. By identifying vulnerabilities within your facility, they help you implement safeguards to deter potential threats, both internal and external.

3. Customized Security Solutions

Every spirits manufacturing facility is distinct, and a one-size-fits-all approach to security won't suffice. Private security experts design customized security plans that align with your specific goals, whether it's theft prevention, spillage reduction, or enhancing overall security.

4. Theft Prevention: Safeguarding Your Assets

The high value of spirits products makes them attractive targets for theft. Employee Theft

is an unfortunate consequence of running a business. Despite one’s best efforts, it’s always possible to hire someone who has the potential to steal from their place of work.

Ultimately, our research team concluded that:

  • 75% of employees admit to stealing from their employer at least once. The key word here? ADMIT.
  • Employee theft costs employers up to $50 billion annually.
  • Approximately 95% of U.S. businesses are affected by employee theft.
  • On average, 5% of an organization’s revenue is lost to employee theft each year.

Private security companies employ a multifaceted approach to theft prevention, including:

  1. Access Control Systems: Advanced access control systems with biometric authentication and key card access to secure your facility.
  2. Alarm Systems: Implementing state-of-the-art alarm systems that immediately notify security personnel and authorities in case of unauthorized access or suspicious activity.
  3. Regular Patrols: Private security personnel conduct regular patrols to deter potential thieves and detect unauthorized personnel on-site.
  4.  Advanced Surveillance: To maintain an effective watch over your facility, private security companies deploy cutting-edge surveillance technology. This includes high-resolution cameras, access control systems, and perimeter security to detect and respond to any suspicious activities, whether they involve potential theft or spillage risks.        

5. Spillage Prevention: Protecting Your Operation

Preventing spills is equally crucial to maintaining your operations and adhering to environmental regulations. A private security company can help with spillage prevention by:

  1. Monitoring for Potential Hazards: Security personnel are trained to identify and report potential safety hazards that could lead to spills, such as leaks or equipment malfunctions.
  2. Spill Response: In the event of a spill, private security teams are trained to respond swiftly, containing and managing the incident, reducing damage, and minimizing environmental impact.
  3. Emergency Coordination: Private security personnel can work closely with first responders to ensure a prompt and efficient response to spill incidents, mitigating risks and minimizing potential harm.

6.  Preventing Inventory Shrinkage

Now, Let’s talk about Inventory Shrinkage. This is when you have less inventory than you should. Something is causing items to go missing before the point of sale. And inventory shrinkage isn’t just a retail problem. It affects every stage of the supply chain from the point of manufacture.

If you’ve got shrinkage, there’s good news: Shrinkage is unavoidable. Every business will run some level of inventory shrinkage. You just need a shrinkage calculation to uncover it and there’s more good news: You can lower it.

Here’s a shrinkage formula for calculating inventory shrinkage:

Shrinkage Rate = (Recorded Inventory - Actual Inventory) / Recorded Inventory

As we are discussing spirits, we’ll use a bar as an example. Let’s say a bar takes inventory and counts 71 bottles of vodka and that they’ve sold none of those bottles. If they recorded receiving 72 bottles of that spirit from their supplier, the shrinkage calculation would look like this:

Shrinkage Rate = (72 - 71) / 72

Shrinkage Rate = .014 or 1.4%


In the spirits beverage manufacturing industry, a private security company is an invaluable partner that addresses the dual challenges of theft and spillage. Their specialized expertise, customized security solutions, and unwavering protection are essential for safeguarding your high-value spirits and preserving your brand's reputation. Invest in a private security company to ensure the security and integrity of your spirits beverage manufacturing operations, protecting your assets and delivering the quality your customers expect.

We can prevent anything such as theft, spillage, or inventory shrinkage from happening again (or ever happening).


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