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The Importance of Armed Security in the Oil and Mining Industries

Overview of Security Risks in Oil & Mining 

In the oil and mining industries, armed security plays a critical role in ensuring safety and operational integrity. The term "safety" is often the most overused word in the industry, but it is fundamental. Armed security measures are essential to enhance the safety of a work site, providing a robust defense against various threats.

Unique Security Challenges

Theft, Vandalism, and Sabotage

Oil and mining operations are prime targets for theft due to the high value of materials and equipment. Vandalism and sabotage can also cause significant operational disruptions. For instance, E.H. Investigations LLC has implemented check-in/check-out systems in North Dakota (ND) to enhance site accountability. This system ensures that everyone on-site is accounted for, which is crucial during emergencies. The on-site safety manager conducts muster drills using our check-in sheets, ensuring that all personnel are present. If someone is missing during an emergency, it immediately signals a potential injury or other serious issues, allowing for a swift response. This system complements the basic security functions of deterring theft and vandalism.

Landowner Disputes

Disputes with landowners are another common security challenge. Landowners may feel slighted by the company and resort to loitering or making threats. Recently, E.H. Investigations LLC provided armed security for a fracking site in ND to address such issues. These disputes are more common than one might think, and having armed security personnel on-site can prevent them from escalating into serious threats.

Enhancing Safety through Armed Security

The big focus in the industry is safety—use that word frequently. Hiring armed security is a quick, relatively inexpensive way for companies to demonstrate their commitment to safety. Armed security measures not only deter theft and vandalism but also enhance overall site safety and accountability, ensuring smoother operations and peace of mind for stakeholders.

Eco-Terrorism and Protest Management

Eco-terrorism is on the rise, and we witnessed its worst during the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL). Protesters attacked the project online, in person, and in the courts. The experience gained from dealing with these protests for almost a year has been invaluable. Our team is now well-equipped to mitigate property destruction, trespassing, and activists chaining themselves to equipment.

For example, in western ND, a small, highly efficient refinery was planned near a national park. Protesters were gearing up to cause problems similar to those seen during DAPL. We reached out to Meridian Energy, the company behind the project, with a security proposal. Although the construction hasn't started yet, we are prepared to provide our services when it does.

Economic Impact

Security breaches in the oil and mining industries can have severe financial implications, affecting both short-term operations and long-term profitability.


Financial Implications of Security Breaches

Loss of Resources and Equipment

Theft and vandalism can lead to the loss of valuable resources and equipment, which can be costly to replace. For example, stolen machinery or raw materials can result in significant financial setbacks. In addition, vandalism can damage equipment and infrastructure, leading to expensive repairs and downtime.

Insurance and Compliance

Many insurance companies require on-site security before underwriting a project. Even when not mandatory, companies with robust security measures often benefit from reduced insurance premiums. This not only helps in cost savings but also ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Operational Downtime

Security incidents can cause substantial operational downtime. When operations are halted due to theft, vandalism, or protests, companies lose productivity and revenue. Efficient armed security measures can minimize these disruptions, ensuring continuous and smooth operations.

The Role of Armed Security in Mitigating Financial Risks

By investing in comprehensive armed security solutions, companies can protect their assets and reduce the financial risks associated with security breaches. For instance, having a well-trained armed security team on-site can deter criminal activities, manage emergencies effectively, and ensure compliance with insurance requirements.


Armed security in the oil and mining industries is not just about preventing theft and vandalism; it's about ensuring safety, maintaining operational continuity, and protecting financial interests. Comprehensive armed security measures are crucial for mitigating risks, enhancing safety, and demonstrating a commitment to best practices. At Valentis, we are dedicated to providing top-tier armed security solutions tailored to the unique needs of the oil and mining industries, helping our clients safeguard their investments and maintain a secure and efficient working environment.


Special thanks to Jeremie Meisel from E.H. Investigations LLC for assisting with writing this article.