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Protect your Property and Staff from Homeless People using Empathy, Compassion, and a Qualified Security Company

As a security company, we understand that homelessness is a complex and sensitive issue that affects not only those who are experiencing it but also the businesses and communities around them. Homeless individuals may seek refuge on private property, creating potential safety hazards for both the property and staff. At the same time, we recognize the importance of treating all individuals with compassion and empathy, including those who are experiencing homelessness.

At our security company, we offer a range of services to address these challenges, including security guards and security consulting. Here are some strategies that we recommend for dealing with homelessness while keeping your property and staff safe:


1. Develop a clear policy

It's important to have a clear policy in place for dealing with homeless individuals on your property. This policy should outline the steps that your staff should take when encountering a homeless person and when to involve security guards. The policy should also emphasize the importance of treating everyone with compassion and empathy.

Having a clear policy in place is the foundation for creating a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals, including those experiencing homelessness. The policy should be communicated to all staff members and regularly reviewed to ensure that it is up-to-date and effective.

2. Train your staff 

Your staff should be trained on the policy for dealing with homeless individuals. They should know how to handle the situation if a homeless person is sleeping on your property or if they are causing a disturbance. Training should also cover de-escalation techniques to avoid any potential conflicts.

Training your staff on how to handle encounters with homeless individuals is critical to creating a safe and inclusive environment. Staff members should be trained to approach each situation with compassion and empathy while also maintaining a professional and safe distance. De-escalation techniques should be emphasized to prevent any conflicts from escalating.

3. Hire security guards 

Security guards can provide an additional layer of protection for your property and staff. They can help enforce your policy on dealing with homeless individuals and can intervene if a situation escalates. Additionally, security guards can provide a visible deterrent to homeless individuals who may be considering trespassing on your property.

Hiring security guards can be an effective way to prevent incidents from occurring on your property. They are trained to handle potential safety hazards and can quickly respond to any issues that arise. They can also serve as a visible deterrent to potential trespassers, making it less likely that homeless individuals will seek refuge on your property in the first place.

4. Conduct regular security assessments 

Regular security assessments can help identify any potential vulnerabilities on your property. By identifying these vulnerabilities, you can take steps to address them and prevent homeless individuals from accessing your property in the first place.

Conducting regular security assessments can help you stay ahead of potential safety hazards on your property. This can include identifying potential entry points or areas of vulnerability that may make it easier for homeless individuals to access your property. By addressing these vulnerabilities, you can reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring.

5. Work with a security consulting firm 

A security consulting firm can provide expert guidance on how to address homelessness on your property. They can help you develop a comprehensive security plan that addresses your specific needs and concerns.

Working with a security consulting firm can provide valuable insights and expertise on how to effectively address homelessness on your property. They can provide guidance on developing a comprehensive security plan that takes into account the unique needs and concerns of your business. This can include identifying potential safety hazards and providing recommendations for how to address them.

In conclusion, dealing with homelessness requires a delicate balance of compassion and safety. By developing a clear policy, training your staff, hiring security guards, conducting regular security assessments, and working with a security consulting firm, you can create a safe and welcoming environment for all individuals. At our security company, we are committed to providing comprehensive security solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients. Contact us today to schedule a security assessment. 


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